Meeting minutes- August 16,2021

  1. Call to order at 7pm


  1. Attendance: Kim and Tracy Stringfellow, Ranette Downey, Rusty Blanton, Sharon Brown, Kristi Miller, Krissy Kirkland, Shirley Vogel, Brian Daino, Brad Boyd


  1. Previous meetings’ minutes noted.


  1. Treasurer’s report-
    1. Checking-$17,420.41
    2. Savings-$4,042.41


  1. Old Business
    1. Merchandise- sales at Meet the Dog went very well. We are almost out of all clothing inventory.  Will reorder with Sign On.   Link for Burk v IP game should be out this week for online orders.   We are working to add flex fit hats, a black hoodie, and restock t-shirts.  We have Bleacher Creature t-shirts in the trainer now.
    2. Fundraising updates
      1. Rodeo- August 20,21
        1. Volunteers- 10 each night needed. Coach Boyd will assist.
        2. Arrival- 6:15pm
        3. Raffle tickets have been ordered, buckets will be brought, and signs will be made for the players to carry by Kim, money bag will be provided by Shirley.
      2. Sponsors- 32 full page ads for the program. The program is now over 50 pages due to the overwhelming increase in parent ads.
      3. Golf Cart update- pending sale. Listed for $4700.00 which is well within market. Cost for tune up and repairs with approximately $300.00
      4. Dog squad- pending
      5. Meet the Dogs-
        1. Total expense for food for the community and players was $1,430.83. Pork left over was placed in the coaches refrigerator.  We had no hot dogs left over.  Chips will be used for locker room snacks.  Water will be placed in the field house to be used as needed.
        2. Great turn out from the community.
  • No program changes recommended for next year.
  1. Locker room update
    1. Snacks- sign up for varsity snacks is being handled on a GroupMe page. Sub-varsity parents have a plan for JV and Freshman locker rooms.
    2. Magnets- Kim has proofed the magnets. Freshman will have a blank magnet with bulldog boarder.  Names will be written on it for the season and be re-used each year.  JV magnet is smaller with less detail but contains players last name.  Varsity magnet contains player name and number.  They have been ordered.
  • Furniture- Should be delivered by Monday 8/23.
  1. Team dinners-
    1. Sign ups are being coordinated by K. Kirkland. Sign Up Genius is posted on Facebook.
    2. Dinners are at 6:30pm in the field house on the Thursday nights before every game.
  2. Bleacher Creatures
    1. T-shirts donated by Sign On are in the merchandise trailer.
    2. Sign up forms were distributed at IC Evans meet the teacher night by Allison Bainbridge. We secured some sign ups at meet the dog.
  3. Coaches lunches- Sign ups are complete. We do have a couple of volunteers in reserve if schedules change.
  4. Varsity pictures- All players are completed. Anticipate being able to distribute by the week of 8/23.  Several parents still need to pay for the images.   Once individuals and team are finalized, we will order banners.  2×3’ for players and a 6×9’ team banner.


  1. New business
    1. Friendship Festival is Oct 2. Members agreed to set up merchandise trailer.  Ranette will drop off our registration form and fee.
    2. Homecoming is changing this year. There will be a parade on the Wednesday night of homecoming.  Boosters were asked to have spike and hand out popcorn.  Brian Daino will follow up on access to popcorn machines in the basketball concession stand to pre-pop popcorn so that we can keep up with demand.  Store in clear trash bags until needed.  More to come.


  1. Open Discussion
    1. Rodeo fundraiser at MPEC on August 20th and 21st – student volunteers pending. Kim will help Friday night.  Ranette will be there both Friday and Saturday.
    2. Spike needs parent volunteers if we are to continue to inflate him at varsity games. A message will be sent out via Facebook asking for help.   In the absence of volunteers, we will no longer have spike at our games.


  1. Coach’s report
    1. Will provided an updated varsity roster.
    2. Childress scrimmage is Thursday with Freshman/JV at 6pm and Varsity at 7pm.


  1. Next booster club meeting- August 23rd at 7pm at the field house.


  1. Adjourn at 7:45pm