Meeting Minutes- June 7, 2021

1. Call to order at 7:00pm
2. Attendance: Kim and Tracy Stringfellow, Sharon Brown, Rusty Blanton, Keith McClure, Coach Boyd
3. Previous meetings’ minutes are pending

4. Treasurer’s report-
a. Checking- no change
b. Savings- no change
c. Electronic payment options
i. Venmo- will require we purchase a burner phone so that the venmo account is associated with a phone number. Cost is approximately $50 for phone and $35 for 5G pay as you go.
ii. Square- equipment is free but there is a fee of 2.6% + $0.10 per transaction.
iii. Swipe ease- current credit card service.
iv. Discussion by those present was to proceed with a burner phone and venmo account. The phone would have a dual benefit of being used in the merchandise trailer instead of individuals having to load swipe ease on their personal phones or leave their personal phones with the person working the trailer. Rusty made the motion with a second from Keith. No opposition voice. Kim will proceed with purchase of a low-end cell phone with pay as you go service and set up the venmo account.

5. Old Business
a. Merchandise- pending feedback from Sign On
b. Fundraising updates
i. Punt Pass and Kick- Interactive Promotions Group
1. Discussed cost and potential ticket sales. Those present felt that there would not be a reasonable return on investment and would prefer to sponsor a punt pass and kick event for youth in the community during football season.
2. Bleacher Creatures will return in the fall. Sharon will talk with Keith about t-shirts. Last group had gray t-shirts so we will request black this year.
c. Sponsorship- no update
d. Oil Bowl- 2 players, Tyler Willson and Jarmin Williams will be playing in the Oil Bowl representing the Bulldogs. The game is on June 19th at 7:30pm. Kim submitted the ½ page program ad on behalf of the Booster Club highlighting our players.

6. New business
a. Hudl Focus Outdoor
i. Coach Boyd presented an update to Hudl that is an outdoor camera with motion sensing that would help record practices, Freshman/JV games and possibly varsity games in the future. It requires a Hudl account upgrade costing approximately $3000/year. Coach Boyd is working with the vendor on a quote and would like to Booster Club to cover the expense of the upgrade due to a district budget realignment that moved the fiscal year from Sept 1 to July 1.
1. Rusty made a motion to cover the cost of the upgrade up to $3000 with a second from Keith. No opposition voice by those present. Coach Boyd will get the quote to Kim.

7. Open Discussion
a. 3rd Creations (Don Ward) has been secured for August 7th for varsity team pictures. Coach Boyd is arranged for Gordon’s to do the sub-varsity pictures on the evening of August 6th.
b. Military Honor wall remains incomplete. The project has been pending wall art. However, due to a poor response from the community when asked for names/pictures of former players who served in the armed forces, there was discussion about a potential change in plans. The TV that was mounting at the field house entrance is in a prime location and viewed almost exclusively by players and coaches. It is rarely seen by community members. It is a prime location to display players, highlight film, etc. in recognition of current players. Sharon will follow up with Keith on the wall art and potentially hold that project until further discuss can be had on options that provide the best use of the TV and wall space.
c. Meet the Dog will we conducted this year. Target date will be August 14th.
d. Various bulldog football traditions were discussed with Coach Boyd. We look forward to blending old traditions with new ones this season.

8. Coach’s report- Coach Boyd
a. During a Top of Texas football practice, children were playing on the linemen chute like a trampoline and broke one side of the support structure. To avoid cost, Rusty was asked to look at it to see if it could easily be repaired. Rusty will follow up.
b. The benefits of Hudl Focus Outdoor was discussed.
c. Support was offered to facilitate reinstatement of the Dog Squad, who are an essential group to assist with management of Spike, run the touchdown flags, and encourage student section participation on game nights with the cheerleaders.
i. Kim will reach out to Kayce Major first and follow up with Coach Boyd if they encounter any barriers.

9. Next booster club meeting- July 12, 2021

10. Adjourned at 7:45