Meeting Minutes- May 3, 2021

1. Call to order at 7:00pm
2. Attendance: Kim and Tracy Stringfellow, Ranette Downey, Kristi Miller, Chrissi Kirkland, Sharon Brown; Shirley Vogel, Allison Bainbridge, Keith McClure, Rusty Blanton, Brian Daino, Brad Boyd.
3. Previous meetings’ minutes are on our website for review.

4. Treasurer’s report-
a. Checking- no change
b. Savings- no change
c. With our Pay Pal account closed, we need an alternative option for electronic payments. It was suggested to consider getting a burner phone so that a Venmo account could be established. Kim will research options.

5. Old Business
a. Merchandise-
i. Top 5 designed selected via google form vote were presented. Will work with Sign On to set up online store and determine inventory for merchandise trailer.
b. Fundraising updates
i. Sign and Drive- closed. This will no longer be an option.
c. Military honor wall
i. Waiting on Sign On for graphics
d. Sponsors-Ranette
i. Will update the 2020 sponsorship information for 2021 budget planning.
e. Bylaws-
i. There were no suggested changes provided by those present. Motions to approve bylaws made by Ranette Downey with a second from Tracy Stringfellow. Motion passed without opposition.
f. Oil Bowl-
i. 2 of the 4 selected have agreed to participate (Willson, Williams)
ii. A ½ page ad for the Oil Bowl program was presented and approved by those present at the meeting. Cost of ad is $200.00. Kim will send to the Oil Bowl organizer this week.
g. Golf Cart-
i. James Smith works on Yamaha gas powered golf carts in Iowa Park and has agreed to look at ours. (940)867-1072. 303 E Emerald Ave, IP.
ii. Rusty will take the cart to Jim before August workouts start.
6. New business
a. Requests for old spike
i. Requests received for powderpuff game on May 15- Kristi Miller will coordinate
ii. Request received for Tower Elementary field day on May 21- Coach Thetford will coordinate
iii. Request received for senior parade on May 27- Ranette Downey will coordinate
iv. Request received for kid camp on June 3 (closing day)- Coach Boyd/Kim will coordinate

7. Open Discussion
a. Plans for team meals in the fall were discussed. Breakfast vs Dinner. Most parents are in favor of returning to dinner on Thursday night keeping in mind that players like to go to the freshman/JV game so timing will be important. Breakfast on game day forces players in to getting up very early making for a long day for them. Coach Boyd is in support of returning to team dinners.
b. Concern was expressed of the loss of the Dog Squad. Their help is needed with Spike and overall team spirit during the games. Coach Boyd was made aware of our request to have the Dog Squad reinstated. With the recent Cheerleader sponsorship changes, it was felt there would be much more support for this request.
c. It was requested that the student section be moved closer to the center of the stadium, adjacent to the reserved section to help increase participation, energy, and overall team spirit during the games. Their current position at the far end of the field next to the band is not ideal for helping engage the spectators at the games. Coach Boyd will consider options and discuss with Dr. Owen.

8. Coach’s report (Coach Boyd)
a. Coach Boyd was welcomed to Burkburnett and to his first booster club meeting.
b. Summer pride will start on June 7th. Players will be expected to attend. Groups will be split up in to 7-9 grade and 10-12 grade. Times are yet to be determined. Once schedule it set, we will distribute via the booster club Facebook page.

9. Next booster club meeting- June 7, 2021 at 7pm.

10. Adjourn at 7:45pm