Meeting Minutes April 12, 2021

  1. Call to order at 7:00pm
  2. Attendance: Kim and Tracy Stringfellow, Ranette Downey, Kristi Miller, Chrissi Kirkland, Sharon Brown
  3. Previous meetings’ minutes pending.


  1. Treasurer’s report-
    1. Checking- $
    2. Savings- $
    3. Pay Pal- closed
    4. First Bank is updating the signature card with the new officers.
    5. Working to set up Venmo to replace Pay Pal for online/card purchases.


  1. Old Business
    1. Merchandise-
      1. Top 5 designed selected via google form vote were presented. Will work with Sign On to set up on line store and determine inventory for merchandise trailer.
    2. Fundraising updates
      1. Clay shoot-
        1. 33 participants attended.
        2. Chicken Express provided food.
        3. Profit for this fundraiser was $3,114.50.
        4. Lessons learned: Sell mulligans for $10/ea, have a raffle, consider a liability release form for all participants.
        5. 1 banner and 3 signs had to be purchased for sponsors- $97.50 (invoice paid)
      2. Sign and Drive-
        1. Ford is still on hold with this fundraiser.
      3. Military honor wall
        1. Waiting on Sign On for graphics
        2. Kim will work with Jaclyn to learn how to set up presentation currently looping on the TV.
      4. Sponsors-Ranette
        1. No report
      5. Bylaws-
        1. There were no suggested changes provided. Will bring document to next meeting for signature.
      6. Oil Bowl-
        1. 2 of the 4 selected have agreed to participate (Willson, Williams)
        2. A ½ page ad will be placed in the Oil Bowl program from the booster club in support of our players. Cost of ad is $200.00
        3. Parents aware to turn in receipt for cost of participation so at the conclusion of the event, they can be provided a $100 scholarship for attending and representing the Bulldogs.
    3. Golf Cart-
      1. James Smith works on Yamaha gas powered golf carts in Iowa Park and has agreed to look at ours. (940)867-1072.  303 E Emerald Ave, IP.
      2. Rusty volunteered to transport the cart for repair. Kim will follow up with Rusty to coordinate.
  2. New business
        1. Rodeo (August 20,21)
          1. 50/50 event that we support and receive a portion of the proceeds.
          2. This is the week of our Thursday scrimmage so will be able to participate.
          3. Kim will follow up with coordinator of the event to convey our agreement to participate.


  1. Open Discussion
    1. Corn Hole boards donated to BMS need delivered. Coach String will collect the boards/bean bags and get them to the middle school this week.
    2. Senior gifts, magnets, and spirit banners were left behind in the field house and need delivered. Sharon, Ranette, and Kristi will deliver the remaining items this week to the players.


  1. Coach’s report (Coach String)
    1. Track team has 7 participants going to Area meet on Wednesday: Discus, 200m, Mile relay. Athletes have been excited and showing great progress all season.   37 athletes when to the district boys meet which is the largest group Coach String has ever taken.  Burk athletes PR’d (personal record) in 35 events at district.  Looking forward to ongoing work throughout the summer and fall so they are even more prepared for 2022 track season.
    2. Off season work outs continue. Starting next week, there will be a mix of lifting and skill work throughout the week.   Basketball players will go to basketball on Fridays.


  1. Next booster club meeting- May 3, 2021 at 7pm.


  1. Adjourn at 7:34pm