Meeting Minutes- November 7,2022

  1. Call to order at 6:30pm.
  2. Attendance: Kim and Tracy Stringfellow, Earl and Allison Bainbridge, Shirley Vogel, Kristi Miller, Chrissi Kirkland, Erick Trusty, Mary and Tim Owen, Eric and Amanda Lovelace, Adam Calderon, Allyson Baughman, Jessica Emery, Jodi Lapham
  3. Previous meetings’ minutes posted to website.
  4. Treasurer’s report-
    1. Checking- $32,012.52
    2. Savings- $4,605.61
    3. Venmo- $35.56 pending transfer
    4. Petty cash-$150
  5. Old Business
      1. Merchandise- In preparation for next season, we will work to secure items for the trailer to include beanies, whistles, stadium cushions, blankets, etc.
      2. Oh What a Night event on Oct 12- $500 donation received.
  1. New Business
    1. Game day:
      1. Spike- volunteer in place
      2. Horn-team in place
      3. Send off-2:45pm departure from field house. Route will be down Kramer to Davey and on to 3rd St leaving Burk via Rt 240.  School may be working on a sendoff.  Kim Roark is meeting with community members to encourage their participation along the route.  Information will be shared on social media.
    2. Team Dinner-
      1. Varsity- sponsored by Pruitt/Texas Best. Shirley Vogel will pick up check from Pruitt and pick up food from Texas Best. Amanda Lovelace and Earl Bainbridge will cook potatoes and green beans donated. We will have dinner at the Burk VFW at 102 E. 3rd St.   Shannon Moore will cook the steaks for us.
    3. Coaches Lunch- Kim Stringfellow will provide if needed.
    4. Locker rooms-
      1. Varsity- we have plenty of snacks for the team. We will plan on snack bags for 75 to include Varsity, JV players added to the roster for play offs, trainers, and coaches. Parents will meet at the Boy Scout building on Cropper Rd at 6pm on Wednesday to assemble the snack bags for the bus trip.
    5. Senior night- follow up. No changes recommended at this time for the next year.
    6. Christmas parade- December 10th. Line up at 5pm. Parade at 6pm.
    7. Play off t shirts- orders closed out at 4pm today. Keith will review list and if anyone selected mail option, Sign On will take responsibility for delivery if within Burk so that they receive the shirts by game day.   We will also have shirts at the Thursday evening pep rally to hand out shirts.  Players will receive tshirts on Wednesday night so they can wear shirts and bandanas to school on Thursday since there is no school on Friday.
    8. Community Bon Fire/Pep Rally is in the works for Thursday night. A separate group is working on the logistics and will share with the boosters as soon as it is available.
    9. Banquet- January 11@7pm. Pending Overton Ray reservation. Leslie Boyd will follow up.
  1. Open Discussion
    1. Ranette has a 2-page program for the playoff game. It contains the team rosters and pictures of our students groups to include football, babes, cheer, and band. We will sell this program to cover our printing costs at $3/ea.    Shirley will pick them up from the printer on Wednesday.
  2. Coach’s report- (Coach Boyd)
    1. team is healthy for the most part and mentally ready to play. We are confident we can compete against Canyon.
  3. Next booster club meeting- Nov 14 at 6:30pm at the field house.
  4. Adjourned at 7:15pm