Meeting Minutes- December 4,2022

  1. Call to order at 6:35pm
  2. Attendance: Kim and Tracy Stringfellow, Earl and Allison Bainbridge, Allyson Baughman, Shirley Vogel, Brad and Leslie Boyd, Mary and Tim Owen, Adam Calderon
  3. Previous meetings’ minutes posted to website.
  4. Treasurer’s report-
    1. Checking- $31, 632.29
    2. Savings- $4,605.61
    3. Venmo- $0
    4. Petty cash- $0
  5. Old Business
    1. Merchandise- no report
  6. New Business
    1. Christmas parade- December 10th. Parade at 6pm. Players to arrive at 5pm at the field house.  Coach Boyd will notify BMS and BHS Football players.
      1. Trucks/trailers- Earl is working to secure 5 trucks and trailers for the parade.
      2. Decorations- Parents are to report to the field house at 4pm with any extra Christmas lights they may have. We will decorate the trailers at 4pm.
      3. Candy/Hot Chocolate- Candy and hot chocolate will be provided but players are encouraged to bring extra candy to throw.
    2. Banquet- January 11@7pm @Overton Ray.
      1. Food- Branding Iron has been contacted. Catering for 300 is planned.
      2. Decorations- Allison Bainbridge will print off pictures for the tables. Some decorations will be recycled from last year.  Balloons will be ordered.  NHS students will arrive at Overton Ray at 3:30pm on January 11 to help decorate and will also help tear down after the banquet.
      3. Senior gifts- balls have arrived. The cost of the football was covered by donation from Kim Roark.  Flash drives with highlights and senior spotlights will be given to the players along with a memory book of the seasons newspaper clippings.
      4. Highlight film/Senior Spotlight- Coach Boyd is having Coach Grimes put together the highlight footage. Coach Sting will do the senior spotlight.
      5. 12th Man Award- Earl is taking nominations.
      6. Adam Calderon will ask Dr. Payne from First Burk to do the invocation.
    3. 2023 officers- vote
      1. President- Earl Bainbridge was unopposed and voted in to serve as second term as President.
      2. Vice President- Mary Owen was voted in as VP to replace Kim Stringfellow who is stepping down.
      3. Secretary- Jodi Lapham was voted in to replace Allison Bainbridge who is completing her second term in the position.
      4. Treasurer- April Maldonado was voted in as Treasurer to replace Shirley Vogel who is stepping down.
  1. Open Discussion-
    1. The current phone number used for our Venmo account belongs to the Stringfellow’ s. Earl Bainbridge will investigate options to transition the phone line to a current Booster Club member or incorporate the expense into the Booster Club’s budget before the end of January.
    2. Boosters were approached about purchasing a microphone for the head referee to use during football games so that penalties can be correctly announced. Kim will reach out to Brad Owen to determine how to proceed.
    3. The ProCom headset invoice has not yet been received by the Boosters for the first of 3 payments to be made over the next 3 years. There is also a broken headset with melted wires that needs to be returned to the company for repair. Kim will follow up with the vendor this week.
  2. Coach’s report- All District, All State, and All State Academic awards will be announced later in the month.
  3. Next booster club meeting- January 9th at 6:30pm at the field house if needed before the banquet. If not needed, we will meet on January 23rd to do a season wrap up prior to the new offers taking over on February 1st.
  4. Adjourned at 7:15pm.