Meeting Minutes- August 2, 2021

  1. Call to order at 7pm
  2. Attendance: Coach Boyd, Kim and Tracy Stringfellow, Rusty Blanton, Shirley Vogel, Allison Bainbridge, Keith McClure, Brain Daino, Kristi Miller, Krissy Kirkland.
  3. Previous meetings’ minutes


  1. Treasurer’s report-
    1. Checking- $12,798.00
    2. Savings- $4,601.21


  1. Old Business
    1. Merchandise- t-shirt designs confirmed with Sign On. Trinkets ordered from Oriental Trading to have smaller cost items on hand.  Will be meeting with Keith to get on-line store going quickly and would like to have some t-shirts in trailer for meet the dog.
    2. Fundraising updates
      1. Rodeo- August 20,21
      2. Personal ads- deadline August 6th
    3. Sponsors-
      1. Mouth pieces- being donated by Dr. Britts office. Varsity will have fitting at 0900 Friday morning and JV will be fitted at 0945.  Freshman and BMS players can have mouthpiece made for $15/each.    Consent forms were handed out to players and must be signed by parents prior to showing up for fitting.
    4. Golf Cart update- several repairs needed for safety. Members recommend selling current golf cart and acquiring one that is more suitable for the needs of the program.  Rusty is working with the repair guy on re-sale options.  He will also investigate options and cost of a golf cart/machine that is appropriate for the program.  Tentative estimate is $8,500 for a new replacement from Quality Implement and will be available around Aug 23rd.
    5. Team pictures- Freshman and JV will have pics on August 6th at 6:30pm. Varsity will have pics on August 7th starting @1pm following the scrimmage and fund raiser.
    6. Lunch at scrimmage- August 7th @11am. Vance Morris will pick up the food and cook the hot dogs to have ready by 11am on Saturday.  Kim will place the order for pick up at SAMs.  Plan on feeding 150.
    7. Dog squad- working on participants. Boosters committed to providing anything needed for this group.
    8. Meet the Dogs- August 14th
      1. Food- Shannon will cook pork sandwiches for the players and hot dogs for the community. Brian Daino coordinating the cooking.
      2. Volunteers are needed to hand out tickets at the door for food, hand out food to community, hand out food to players, and help line up students for the event.
        1. Ranette will talk to other groups (band, babes) to see if they will help with volunteers.
      3. Locker room update- couches ordered and scheduled to deliver on 8/9 to the school receiving dept.
      4. Team dinners- 6:30pm at the field house on Thursdays. Krissy Kirkland will coordinate and work with Kim on setting up a Sign-Up Genius for donations.
      5. Bleacher Creatures- Allison Bainbridge will attend meet the teacher at IC Evans on Aug 9th from 4-5:30pm and hand out sign-up forms. Will encourage schools to promote participation.  The sign up and money exchange will take place in the merchandise trailer so schools will not have to manage it.
        1. Form will be sent to Tona Alley for approval prior to handing out at the school.


  1. New business
    1. Meet the Teacher- Ranette will reach out to Brad Owen about setting up a table at BHS to promote program ads and Booster membership.
    2. Senior spotlight for the programs- will have seniors fill out during varsity pictures.


  1. Open Discussion
    1. Team photos- August 6th at 600pm (sub varsity), August 7th at 1pm (varsity) at the field house
    2. Season kickoff BBQ following scrimmage at BHS stadium at 11am on August 7th.
    3. Telephone fundraiser by players from 12pm-1pm on August 7th at the field house.
    4. Meet the dog at BHS stadium at 8pm on August 14th, food from 7pm-8pm
    5. Rodeo fundraiser at MPEC on August 20th and 21st


  1. Coach’s report
  2. Next booster club meeting- August 9th at 7pm at the field house.
  3. Adjourn