Meeting Minutes- September 6, 2021

  1. Call to order at 7pm
  2. Attendance verified
  3. Previous meetings’ minutes discussed


  1. Treasurer’s report-
    1. Checking-$24,258.70
    2. Savings- $4,601.78
    3. Petty cash- $200.00


  1. Old Business
    1. Merchandise-
      1. IP t-shirts are in progress. Will distribute on Wednesday night if available or Thursday night at the Freshman/JV game.
      2. Sign On has loaded on the on-line store. It can be accessed either from the Sign On website or the Booster site.  Kim will share the link on the Facebook page.
  • Will
  1. Fundraising updates
    1. Oh What-a-Night: Whataburger-September 15 from 5pm-8pm. Date cannot be changed since all other slots are taken.  Will ask if times can be changed or expanded to not conflict with the family night in the park.
  2. Team dinner- Thursday at 6:30pm- Mexican theme
  3. Bleacher Creatures- 2 participants on 8/27.
  4. 3rd Creative pictures-
    1. $1,260.00 collected. $290.00 outstanding
  5. Locker rooms-
    1. Freshman/J- decorate Wednesday night
    2. Varsity- decorate Thursday night after team dinner
  6. Coaches lunch- Saturday at noon- Mitzi Morris is this week’s volunteer
  7. Senior night plans- pending
  8. Family Night in the Park- Sept 15- We will purchase pre-popped popcorn and set up a Booster sponsored table for self-serve. Will check in to location for Spike that was requested by the school.


  1. New business
    1. Spirit flags- 10 orange/10 black- $300
    2. Homecoming parade on Sept 15 at 6pm
      1. Coach Boyd will check with players on participation.
      2. Bainbridges and Blantons have trailers for use if needed.
  • Bainbridges can help with chairs for players to sit in on the trailers.
  1. Kim will order candy for the players to toss on the parade route.
  2. Decorations will be minimal to include bulldog flags, player jerseys, and some minimal décor.


  1. Open Discussion
    1. Game day prep- Spike only for IP game. We are the visiting team so unsure if flag holders will be available on the visitor side.
    2. Added magnets for new JV players-$44


  1. Coach’s report
    1. This week’s games:
      1. BMS-7th and 8th grade Tuesday night in IP. Scrimmage. Game time 7pm
      2. Freshman/JV- Thursday night at home. Game time 5/6:30pm
  • Varsity @ IP. Game time 7pm


  1. Next booster club meeting- September 13 at 7pm at the field house.


  1. Adjourned at 7:45pm.