Meeting Minutes- August 30,2021

  1. Call to order at 7:05pm
  2. Attendance verified
  3. Previous meetings’ minutes reviewed


  1. Treasurer’s report-
    1. Checking-$23,798.79
    2. Savings-$4,601.78


  1. Old Business
    1. Merchandise- We will reach out to Sign On to secure more inventory for the trailer. We are almost out of shirts.
    2. Fundraising updates
      1. Oh What-a-Night: Whataburger-September 15 from 5pm-8pm- date change might be needed due to overlap with Family Night in the Park.
    3. Team dinner- Thursday at 6:30pm- Italian theme
    4. Bleacher Creatures- 2 participants on 8/27
    5. 3rd Creative pictures-
      1. $1,230.00 collected. $320.00 outstanding
    6. Locker rooms-
      1. Freshman/JV decorate Wednesday night
      2. Varsity decorate Thursday night after team dinner
    7. Coaches lunch- Saturday at noon- Kayleigh Bryant is this week


  1. New business
    1. Senior night- pending
    2. Family Night in the Park- Sept 15- Need to confirm plans for floats and activities in the park.
  2. Open Discussion


  1. Coach’s report
    1. This week’s game plan
      1. Canyon @ home on Thursday. JV at 5pm on turf. Freshman at 5pm on grass.
      2. Varsity @ Canyon. Departing field house at 12:45pm.  Game time 7pm.
        1. Boosters will be providing Whataburger for the trip.


  1. Next booster club meeting- September 6 at 7pm at the field house.
  2. Adjourned at 8:15pm