Meeting Minutes- October 11, 2021

  1. Call to order
  2. Attendance: Kim Stringfellow, Rusty Blanton, Shirley Vogel, Brad Boyd, Leslie Boyd, Ranette Downey
  3. Previous meetings’ minutes
  4. Treasurer’s report-
    1. Checking-$24,636.71. Pending $105. 00 deposit
    2. Savings- $4,602.36
    3. Petty cash- $200.00


  1. Old Business
    1. Merchandise-
      1. We have several white bulldog card holders that attach to cell phones. Will distribute to players this week in their snack buckets.
      2. Hoodies should be ready for the game Friday night.
    2. Fundraising updates –
      1. Whataburger- Oh-What-a- Night will be on October 27th from 5p-8p. Fliers will be sent soon.
      2. Asking for players to be present during the event if possible.
    3. Team dinner-
      1. Thursday- 5pm- Sign up posted on GroupMe and Facebook
      2. Theme: breakfast for dinner.
    4. Bleacher Creatures-
      1. Oct 11th is last scheduled event. Run out at 6:50pm
    5. Coaches lunch- Saturday at noon-
      1. Blanton’s volunteered for this week.
    6. Senior night plans- October 29th
      1. Players profiles- players are in the process of completing their profiles. Contact has been made with the sponsors of the other participants to include band, babes, cheer, and JrROTC.
      2. Parent letters- Kim will print the letter head and get it to Coach Boyd for seniors to fill out. Kim will order to document holders for the parent letters this week.
    7. Storage for booster items-pending
    8. Game prep-
      1. Flags, Banners, Programs, Spike will be needed for this game.
      2. Rusty will manage the music.
    9. Sub-varsity meal-
      1. Chick Fil-A on October 28th for Springtown game.
      2. Need number of players and time.
    10. BMS meals-
      1. Chick Fil-A October 26th tentatively. Kim will reach out to Coach Rickman to coordinate.
    11. New business
      1. Whataburger will be ordered by the Booster for the varsity players for the Lake Worth game.
        1. Food will be delivered by 1:45pm.
        2. We will also order for the Decatur varsity game. Whataburger will sponsor that meal.


  1. Open Discussion
    1. Several of the sponsor banners were falling due to the storms. They have been rehung.


  1. Coach’s report-
    1. Stadium demo will begin on Oct 25th. Working on a plan for the remaining sub-varsity games that will need to be moved.
    2. Planning on the student section to be on the lower-level center of the home stands. New LED lights will likely be included in the construction.


  1. Next booster club meeting- October 18 at 7pm at the field house.


  1. Adjourned at 7:30pm.