Meeting Minutes- October 18, 2021

  1. Call to order at 7pm

2. Attendance- Kim and Tracy Stringfellow, Shirley Vogel, Rusty Blanton, Ranette Downey, Keith McClure, Dawn Daino, Leslie and Brad Boyd, Kristi Miller, Chrissi Kirkland.

3. Previous meetings’ minutes posted to website

4. Treasurer’s report-

a. Checking-$26,067.71

b. Savings- $4,602.36.

c. Petty cash-$200.00

5. Old Business

a. Merchandise- $533.50 check received from Sign On for on-line sales. All but 5 sweatshirts sold at the last game.

b. Fundraising updates –

i. Whataburger- Oct 27 5p-8p

ii. Players encouraged to show up in their jerseys during the event.

c. Team dinner-

i. Thursday- 6:30pm

ii. Theme- Tailgate party. Members encouraged to bring typical tailgate games if you have any.

iii. Event information and meal sign up posted to Facebook, GroupMe, and emailed to members.

d. Coaches lunch- Saturday at noon-

i. Lisa Green volunteered for this week. She has been reminded.

e. Senior night plans- October 29th

i. Players profiles have been collected. Pending completed profiles from Band.

ii. Student and parents will be announced. Event starts at 6:15pm

iii. Letterhead will be distributed to players for the parent letters. Kim has ordered the folders.

iv. Flowers were donated by Country Blooms and Gifts for Football, Trainers, and JrROTC.

f. Storage for booster items- Vance Morris said there is space in the trailers by the merchandise and equipment trailers. Our inventory can be placed in any of them if our belongings are clearly marked.

g. Game prep-

i. Spike only since game is away.

ii. Whataburger will be delivered to the field house by 1:50pm on game day.

h. Sub-varsity meal-

i. Chick Fil-A on October 28th for Springtown game.

i. BMS meals-

i. Chick Fil-A October 26th– 7th A and B prior to Graham departure.  50 players/coaches

ii. Chick Fil-A on November 2nd– 8th grade A and B prior to Vernon departure. 51 players/coaches.

iii. Coach Rickman will provide delivery times once travel schedule is set.

6. New business

a. Inventory stored under the bleachers and sponsorship banners will be removed this weekend and stored until construction on the stadium is complete.

7. Coach’s report

a. Players will be volunteering on Saturday for Teens Make A Difference picking up limbs in the community following the storms and handing out thank you cards from the district in appreciation for community support.

8. Next booster club meeting- October 25 at 7pm at the field house.

9. Adjourned at 7:30pm.