Meeting Minutes – May 28, 2020

Burkburnett Bulldog Football Booster Club

May 28,2020


  1. Call to order at 7:05pm
  • Attendance verified
  • Previous meetings’ minutes- on the website
  • Treasurer’s report:   Checking: $8,773.60        Savings- $4,598.91                               
    • Income-interest YTD= $0.57
    • Expenditures-replacement of golf cart battery and trickle charger for touchdown horn $123.13
    • Budget process is being enhanced to outline specific revenues and expenditures for improved transparency.  We will show previous year’s budgeted and actual dollars along with current year’s approved budget.  Moving forward, we will maintain a 3-year trend on our annual budget report to help make planning easier for subsequent years. 
  • Old Business
    • Merchandise- Kristi and Sharon presented several design options.  Via google forms, those present at the meeting placed their votes for the top 3 t-shirt selections. 
      • Will reach out to Sign on for Bleacher Creature t-shirts
      • Will seek out options for flex fit ball caps, visors, face masks, scrunchies.
      • Plan to proceed with the Burk vs IP online t-shirt sales as we did last year
      • Considering the custom shirt with name (minus #) on the back for online ordering as well.
    • Golf tournament- Per River Creek, we are unable to proceed currently.   We plan to cancel for this year and will revisit this opportunity next spring. 
    • Dog Squad- Coach Meng has no new information other than there will be no stipend for the Dog Squad sponsor.  It would be a volunteer position and must be a school district employee.   It is disappointing since this squad is important for managing Spike and touchdown flags on Friday nights.   We will revisit this issue as we get closer to the start of the season for options to support this critical group.   
  • New business
    • Fundraising for the 2020 season
      • Clay Shoot at North Texas Field and Stream or Perkins Camp.  Tonia to investigate. 
      • Kick a Field Goal and win a truck.  Ranette is looking into insurance and has already spoken with Pruitt Ford about a truck and how to proceed. 
      • Corn Hole Tournament.  Kristi, Sharon and Jaclyn volunteered their husbands to build boards.  Will look into location and timing options.  
      • Sign and Drive.   Jaclyn had reached out to Jeff Kindt.  Date to be determined.  
    • Website/Domain name
      • Jaclyn will reach out to a student who has experience in web development and report back at next meeting.
    • 6th grade parent meeting is cancelled due to covid restrictions.   Middle school parent meeting will be incorporated into the high school parent meeting in August.  
    • Summer schedule for Booster meetings will include bi-weekly in June and weekly starting in July.  Due to existing restrictions, location will be determined on a case by case basis.  
  • Open Discussion
    • Middle school parent participation is critical for Booster Club succession planning.  We need to work as a group to ensure the middle school parents understand that we welcome their participation and support. The Boosters annually allocate money raised for the football program to the middle school by purchasing equipment, gear and a team meal each season.  Messaging to parents should include clarification that the Booster Club supports the 7-12 grade football program, not just high school.  
  • Coach’s report (Coach Meng)
    • Summer pride will start on June 8th and will be modified due to UIL restrictions. 
      • High school players (grades 10-12) will report to the field house from 0630-0900. Half of the time will be spent on conditioning and half spent on skills and drill.
      • Middle school players (grades 7-9) will report to the field house from 0930-1015 for conditioning only.  
      • Groups will remain constant throughout summer pride with 2 coaches per group to limit exposure. 
      • All UIL precautions/rules/expectations will be followed throughout the summer. 
      • If a student misses his allotted practice time, he will be unable to move to an alternate group.   They must stay with their original assignment throughout the summer to limit contact and exposure.  
    • There will be no 7 on 7 this year.  It has been cancelled.
    • Football season modifications have yet to be determined.  This is a constantly evolving situation.   More to come as it becomes available. 
  • Next booster club meeting- Monday, June 8th at 7:00pm with location to be determined.
  1. Adjourn at 8:45pm.