Meeting Minutes – March 2, 2020

Burkburnett Bulldog Football Booster Club

March 2,2020


  1. Call to order at 7:00
  • Verified attendance
  • Previous meetings’ minutes are on the website
  • Treasurer’s report:   tabled
  • Old Business
    • Field house honor wall- electrical drop for TV is being placed.  Brian is working on donation of TV for the honor wall.
    • Merchandise- Kristi and Sharon are working on designs to present at the next meeting. Will finalize design choices at the next meeting so that order can be placed by June in preparation for the season.
      • Bleacher Creature t-shirts will need replaced because all inventory has been exhausted.  Suggested black shirts for this season.  They have been orange and grey to this point.   
    • Golf tournament- Brian
      • Dates- May 3rd is tentative date at 2pm at River Creek. Fliers will be distributed via webpage and to our sponsors along with team sign up forms. 
      • Sponsorships- Ranette is working on sponsors and has sent correspondences out to those who have support us in the past. 
  • New business
    • Fundraising for the 2020 season-
      • Jaclyn will contact Jeff Kindt about doing another Sign and Drive.
      • Score board advertisement is available in 2 spots on the lower portion of the board.  Bradley’s and Mullin’s ads are due to be replaced. 
      • Whataburger event will be scheduled for the fall.
      • Raffle during the season with possibility of cash prize or win a truck if you make a field goal.  Truck option is pending investigation on cost of insurance for the event- Ranette investigating.  
    • Bylaws and SOP review for 2020
      • Bylaws and SOPs review at previous meeting.  Fiscal year changed to align with season and associated activities (2/1 to 1/31 vs calendar year) along with time line adjustment for budget approval based on this fiscal year change. 
      • All members present at this meeting approved bylaws and existing SOPs with previously noted changes.  No opposition reported.
    • Website/Domain Name- Winito is going out of business.  We have until July 1 to transfer our webpage over to a new web management service.  Jaclyn will reach out to Joe Gidrick, a local IT specialist to evaluate options.  
  • Open Discussion
    • Dog squad update- Coach Meng investigating.  Members voiced importance of this squad to support Spike management and touchdown flags. 
    • PRCA rodeo 50/50- April 17/18th.  Players will arrive at 6:30pm to set up and sell tickets as attendees arrive.  They will be able to stay for the rodeo free of charge.  
    • Family Night at the Park- April 2 (5:45-8:20)- due to track and baseball, we have no parent support/volunteers available to participate as we have done in years past.   Tona Alley notified that we are sadly declining to participate due to a lack of resource with multiple school conflicts.  But we encouraged her to reach out again in the future as opportunities arise.  
  • Coach’s report (Coach Meng)
    • 7 on 7 SQT will be held on May 16 in Graham and May 23 in Brock
    • SWOSU will be holding a camp in Burkburnett on June 5th.  More information to come.
    • Sign On will be putting up décor in the field house during spring break to include window decals, door skins and wall art. 
    • Oil Bowl is scheduled for June 20th.  Kyson Hoskins, Ian McClure and Jake McCleskey will be representing the Bulldogs this year. 
      • We will provide scholarships to each of them at the conclusion of the event according to our SOP.
      • A full-page ad will be placed in the Oil Bowl program in support of all 3 players.
  • Next booster club meeting- Monday, April 6th at 7:00pm in the field house.
  1. Adjourn