Meeting Minutes – February 3, 2020

Burkburnett Bulldog Football Booster Club

Feb. 3,2019


  1. Call to order at 7:00
  • Verified attendance
  • Previous meetings’ minutes are on the website
  • Treasurer’s report:   Checking-$8,224.14                   Savings-$4,597.78                    Petty Cash $160
  1. Income-
  2. $140-merchandise at banquet
  3. $1505-ticket sales at banquet

b.   Expenditures-

  • $3,868-net cost of banquet after merchandise, tickets sales and sponsorship
  • Old Business
    • Field house walls-
  • Inside walls and Wall of Honor are in process.  Brian is working with El Mejicano.  Will check with him on more details when he has them.
    • Merchandise-
  • Not much left.  It all fits in one box.  The plan is to start in May on next years merchandise.
    • 2020 Football Booster Club Golf Tournament
  • May dates are pending with Scott Anderson.
  • Emails have already been sent to past sponsors.
  • New Business
    • Fundraising for 2020 season
    • Bylaws and SOP review for 2020
  • Open Discussion
  • Dog Squad
  • Dog Squad.  Mr Owen checking on status of stipend that went to previous dog squad sponsor. 
  • A district employee will have to be a sponsor.
  • Will have to ride the bus with Dog Squad.

b.   PRCA Rodeo 50/50

  • Date is April 17-18
  • Will see if a few boys can make it to sell tickets. 

c.   Powerlifting Concession update-

  • $90.45 collected at the powerlifting meet
  • Coaches Report-Coach Meng
  • UIL Realignment is complete.  Schedule is up, but not finalized.
  • 3 players will be signing on Wednesday to play at next level.
  • New uniforms have been ordered.
  • Next booster club meeting- Monday, March 2 at 7:00pm in the field house.
  1. Adjourned at 7:45pm.