Meeting Minutes- July 25, 2022

  1. Call to order 7:15pm following football parent meeting.
  2. Attendance: Kim and Tracy Stringfellow, Earl and Allison Bainbridge, Shirley Vogel, Jodi Lapham, April and Dominic Maldonado, Steven and Kayce Webb, Adam Calderone, Chrissi Kirkland, Mary and Tim Owen, Tim Kronk, Erick and Jessie Trusty, Michael and Jessica Emery, Billy and Tammi Mills, Nickie Riley, Leslie and Brad Boyd, Will Riley, Allison Baughman.
  3. Previous meetings’ minutes posted to website.
  4. Treasurer’s report-
    1. Checking- $25,686.77
    2. Savings-$4,604.45
    3. Petty Cash- $100.00
  5. Old Business
    1. Merchandise- Sign On has t-shirt designs and hopes to have them ready by Meet the Dog. Hat designs were discussed with samples shown to those present. A single design hat will be ordered.  T-sizes will range from S-3XL but in limited numbers. The black hoodie from last year will be reordered. Discussed having JV t-shirts made for players to wear on JV game days.  Those present agreed to move forward.  Chrissi will check in with Sign On for a design.
    2. Fundraisers- no new information
    3. Home game programs-
      1. Parent ads- due date is August 6th. Forms were shared with those present.
    4. Bleacher Creatures- t-shirts are on hand. Forms were made available to those present.  Sign Ups will be done in the merchandise trailers at the beginning of all home games.
    5. Meet the Dog- Aug. 13th
      1. Food at 7pm and event at 8pm
        1. How many participants? Planning on 1,000
        2. Will order food from SAMs. Shirley Vogel will arrange pick up of supplies.
        3. Players will be fed hamburgers.
      2. First Burk Men’s Cooking Team confirmed
      3. Agenda sent out to TOT, Cheer, Band, Babes, and JROTC sponsors to confirm plan.
      4. Loy Triana confirmed as announcer
    6. Gator maintenance- Earl will take to Quality Implement within the next week
    7. Varsity leadership retreat to Ft Sill
      1. Date- September 7 is the best date. Coach Boyd will check with Mr. Nolan to set up as a field trip.
      2. 0800-1200 to have players return in time for practice.
      3. Commander General invitation- date to be determined.
    8.  Pictures
        1. Sub varsity pics- August 5th @6pm
        2. Varsity pics- August 6th immediately following fundraiser
          1. Cost breakdown
            1. $35/athlete
            2. +$15/senior
            3. Vinyl banners will be purchased by the Boosters for each varsity player along with the team banner. All will be hung in the stadium during the season.
              1. 2’x3’- $18/ea.
              2. 6’ x9’ team banner- $160
            4. Lunch on August 6th– Hotdogs will be provided to players during their fundraiser following the scrimmage. Planning on 150.
            5. Locker room magnets- will be ordered next week.
  6. New Business
  7. Open Discussion
    1. Locker decorations discussed. Parents for varsity and JV will need to appoint a leader to coordinate activities.  Caution shared about oversupplying snacks during the first couple of games leaving very little for the rest of the season.  Encouraged assigning a few parents for each week to spread out the expense and even out the content of the snack bags.   Varsity parents provide coaches and trainer snacks.  JV can do the same if supplies allow for it.
    2. Volunteer sign up lists for events throughout this season made available to those present.
  8. Coach’s report- Parent meeting with a huge success. Emphasis placed on parents and players using Sports You for communication.  There will be a single group this year for Burk sports instead of multiple groups for each team.  Freshman camp started today with small numbers.  Freshman who attended were encouraged to reach out to their buddies and remind them of the need to attend camp.
  9. Next booster club meeting- August 1 at 7pm at the field house
  10. Adjourn at 8:15pm