Meeting Minutes- August 1, 2022

  1. Call to order at 7pm
  2. Attendance: Earl and Allison Bainbridge, Kim and Tracy Stringfellow, Leslie and Brad Boyd, Kristi Miller, Shirley Vogel, Chrissi Kirkland, Allyson Baughman, Adam Calderone,  Lindsey Anderson, April and Tim Maldonado,  Michael and Jessica Emery, Mary and Dale Owen.
  3. Previous meetings’ minutes posted to website.
  4. Treasurer’s report
    1. Checking- $25,681.77
    2. Savings- $4,604.45
    3. Petty cash- $100.00
    4. Several deposits are pending to include bleacher creatures, membership, and sponsorships. Shirley will make deposits tomorrow.
  5. Old Business
    1. Merchandise- A poll was shared with boosters on different hat designs. Chrissi will meet with Sign On tomorrow about JV t-shirts and our pending t-shirt order to see if it will be ready for Meet the Dog. Merchandise trailer will be relocated back to the stadium this week in preparation for the scrimmage and Meet the Dog.
    2. Fundraisers- focused on sponsorships and program ads at this time.
    3. Home game programs-
      1. Parent ads- 4 parent ads have been paid so far. Several are pending.  We will continue to communicate deadlines to the community to make sure we are capturing everyone who wants an ad in the program.
    4. Bleacher Creatures- We have 1 signed up so far. Will consider sitting at Overton Ray and IC Evans for meet the teacher night.  We typically have the most sign ups at the trailer before the games but getting the word out early is good.
    5. Meet the Dog- Aug. 13th
      1. First Burk mens cooking team confirmed
      2. Agenda sent out to TOT, Cheer, Band, Babes, and JROTC sponsors to confirm plan.
      3. Loy Triana confirmed as announcer.
    6. Gator maintenance- Plan is to deliver it Thursday evening and have it back by Friday afternoon for practice. Earl will coordinate.
    7. Varsity leadership retreat to Ft Sill
      1. Date- September 7, depart at 0800 and return prior to the start of practice that afternoon.
      2. Next steps pending approval of field trip by Mr. Nolan. Coach Boyd will discuss it with him.
      3. Estimated to have 55 participants with varsity players and coaches.
      4. Commander General invitation- anticipated for first home game. Adam Calderone to facilitate.
    8.  Pictures
      1. Sub varsity pics- August 5th @6pm
      2. Varsity pics- August 6th immediately following fundraiser. Sign up sheet for 8 players per hour will be available for them to sign up. Trainers will have pics during the fundraiser since they do not participate in that event.  Coaches will have pics following the scrimmage as time allows.
    9. Lunch on August 6th– Kim will order and pick up hotdogs/chips/water/cookies. Earl will start cooking at 1030 to have it ready by 1100 for players and trainers.
    10. Locker room magnets- Kim will order varsity with names and magnets for JV locker rooms that are blank so names can be written in.
  1. New Business
    1. Recognition wall- Coach Boyd will like to start a recognition wall with plaques/pictures of those players names to 1st team All- District and Academic All-State. Chrissi will touch base with Sign On for cost.  We will order honorees from the 21-22 season now and then add the 22-23 honorees in January.   Suggested to have a plaque listing all of those who were named to 2nd team and honorable mentioned each year but without pictures.   Decision will be made once cost is determined.
  2. Open Discussion
    1. Sponsorship check was returned to sender by the post office siting “box closed”. Shirley and Allison are researching issue with the postmaster since our box is active and payment for the box is current. Concern was voiced that no mail has been received in over 2 weeks so could mean that we are missing sponsorship checks.
    2. Parent suggested we investigate custom croc gibitz/charms as a potential merchandise trailer option. They are very popular and would likely sell very well.  Allyson Baughman is checking with the technology department to see if there is a 3D printer that could be used to make them. Preliminary investigation of what is available online shows about $5/ea which might make them budget neutral (very little profit if any) but still fun to sell to promote Bulldog spirit.
    3. Love’s is wanting to donate. Will provide them with a sponsorship packet and a contact for questions.
    4. Due to some Monday evening conflicts, it was suggested that we move meeting times to 6:30pm. Those present supported the change.  Moving forward we will continue to meet on Monday’s but at 6:30pm.
  3. Coach’s report
    1. First day of practice went well. Players were energized and in good shape.
  4. Next booster club meeting- TBD due to potential conflicts with Meet the Teacher nights at the Elementary schools.
  5. Adjourned at 8pm.