Meeting Minutes- August 16,2022

  1. Call to order at 7:00pm
  2. Attendance: Allison and Earl Bainbridge, Kim and Tracy Stringfellow, Kristi Miller, Shirley Vogel, April Maldonado, Jodi Lapham, Michael and Jessica Emery, Allyson Baughman, Chrissi Kirkland.
  3. Previous meetings’ minutes posted to website.
  4. Treasurer’s report-
    1. Checking- $33,025.61
    2. Savings- $4,604.45
    3. Venmo- $467.00 transferring to checking account today
    4. Petty cash- $100.00
  5. Old Business
    1. Merchandise- sales reached near $1,500 at meet the dog. New t-shirts and sweatshirts were available.  Last season inventory was also sold.  Hats and Jibitz are pending.
    2. Home game programs- Saw an increase in parent ads but a slight decrease in business ads. Proof should be ready this week.  We are still pending senior poster for the program.
    3. Bleacher Creatures- Had 3 students sign up at meet the dog. We have the t-shirts and sign-up forms in the trailer.
    4. Meet the Dog wrap up- Positive feed back received. Total cost of event was $1,752.28.
    5. Varsity leadership retreat to Ft Sill
      1. Date- September 26th approved by Coach Boyd with 0800 departure and return prior to 8th period.
      2. Adam Calderon has confirmed plans with Fort Sill.
      3. Attendees include coaches, varsity players, Dr. Owen, and Mr. Nolan.
      4. Adam will work with Coach Boyd on logistics for that day.
      5. Boosters will provide any financial support needed for lunch.
    6. Locker room magnets- ordered through Sign On.
    7. JV game day t-shirts- ordered through Sign On. Delivery date tentatively 8/23.  JV players will wear these shirts on game days throughout the season.
    8. Friendship Festival- application and payment turned in to the city for merchandise trailer spot with electricity. Event is on October 1st.
  1. New Business
    1. All team honors plaques. Coach Boyd would like to start a recognition wall with pictures of players who achieve All State and All District honors.  Photo on a plaque would be hung in the field house.  Member presented voted to keep photos limited to First Team All-State, First Team All-District, and First Team All-State Academic.  Chrissi presented prices from Sign On for plaques with photo of player.
    2. Helmet Sticker Ceremony- Due to a senior meeting at BHS, the sticker ceremony will be on 8/23 at 6pm for varsity players and family. Booster meeting will follow at approximately 6:45pm.
    3. Team dinners and coaches meals will be starting soon. Earl will reach out to Red Neck Cooking team and Kristi will reach out to First Burk Men’s Cooking team to determine which dates work best for them as they both volunteered to provide team dinner.  Chrissi Kirkland will set up a Sign-up form to post on Sports You and Facebook so that parents can sign up for these events.
  2. Open Discussion
    1. Discussion about old score board. Coach Boyd stated that Dr. Owen is looking into options.
    2. Locker room decorating will start next week. JV decorates on Wednesday nights and Varsity on Thursday nights.  It is important to identify point people for both varsity and JV locker rooms.  JV locker rooms will be done together.  Sports You platform suggested to get parents together so a plan can be organized.
    3. Varsity team picture is done. Individual pictures should be done this week. We hope to start emailing digital images by next week to those who purchased them.   We are working with the photographer to get Gavin Baird and Zach Bell photographed so they can be in the senior picture and have a banner.
    4. Football themes for spirit days this season were shared with those present.
  3. Coach’s report
    1. Team numbers are around 100 for JV and varsity which is a good number for schools our size.
    2. Teamwork is being seem within the position groups.
    3. Players are more confident in their abilities following the Graham scrimmage.
    4. The scrimmage went well. Great things were seen, and opportunities identified which is exactly what we want out of a scrimmage.
  4. Next booster club meeting- August 23 at approximately 6:45pm at the field house following the helmet sticker ceremony.
  5. Adjourned at 8:00pm.