Meeting Minutes- August 10, 2020

  1. Call to order at 7:00pm
  2. Attendance verified: Jaclyn and Jason Meng, Kim and Tracy Stringfellow, Judy and Brady Duke, Tonia Boyette, Ranette Downey, Sharon Brown, Kristi Miller, Chrissi Kirkland, Shirley Vogel, Keith McClure, Rusty Blanton, Craig Die, Brian Daino.
  3. Previous meetings’ minutes- on the website
  1. Treasurer’s report: Checking: $10,710.60 Savings- $4,599.48
    1. Income-interest YTD-
    2. Expenditures- none
    3. Petty Cash- $125
    4. PayPal- $700+ in account. Tax ID is set up. Need invoices with pay pal purchases so funds can be released to the Booster account. In the absence of an invoice, money is held for 28 days.
  2. Old Business
    1. Merchandise-
      1. Cruz’s online store has 12 orders.  This store closes on Aug. 17th.   We will also have an IP/Burk rivalry shirt again this year.
      2. Electra store items are ready for pickup.
      3. Sign On store is on Booster website.
      4. Will only need a small amount of merchandise for the trailer. Coach Meng sent out links to the stores to encourage online sales and move away from trailer stock
    2. Fundraising for the 2020 season
      1. Corn Hole- Will table for Fall.  We will sell tickets for a set of corn hole boards.  They will be 1 for $5 or 5 for $20.  Members will have tickets and will be sold in the trailer at home games too.
      2. Clay Shoot- Date is set for April 10th in spring. 
      3. Punt Pass and Kick to win a truck- We have district approval to move forward.  Need to sign contract and pay the fee.  55 tickets need to be sold in order to break even.  Ranette will check with B & C about tickets and work with Jeff on graphics for banner.  Truck will be at stadium for all Friday night home games.  If minimum of 55 tickets not sold, event will be cancelled, and money refunded. Maximum ticket sales will be 250 to control the odds.  Tickets are $25/ea.    
      4. Sign and Drive- 3 dates were given to Jeff (Sept. 5 and 12 or Oct. 24).  Jeff is waiting to hear back from Ford.  Still waiting to see which will work.  Preferably a Saturday after a home game and promote during the game the night before also. 
    3. Dog Squad- cancelled for 2020 season due to restrictions.  
    4. Military honor wall update- TV is in.  Jaclyn has sent many emails out and has received a great response back.  She has also built google slide templates to put info in as it comes in.  It looked great.
    5. Sponsors-
      1. Banner replacements-Precision will get a new banner.
      2. Golf donations-OSTC applied their golf fee to their ad.  So far, everyone else has donated back to the Boosters.
      3. Scoreboard sponsors- ACE and NAPA are possible score board sponsors.  Pending approval from corporate to move forward. 
    6. Programs-There has been a great response for ads. There are 21 personal ads with more coming in. 
  3. New business
    1. Meet the Dog Night- on hold for now.  Kim will talk with city clerk on Aug. 11th about options…Parade?
    2. 3rd Creative Sports Photographer making presentation on Aug. 11th at 7pm at the field house.  Individual green screen shots making it possible for a team picture. 
    3. Senior Flags- They will be ordered tomorrow.  There are 16 senior players and 1 senior trainer.
  4. Open Discussion-
    1. Team breakfast-The River has offered to host the team breakfast every Friday during the season.  Will need volunteers to bring food and to be there to serve.  All screening procedures will be followed at team breakfast to ensure everyone’s safety.  
      1. First Baptist Cooking Group is unable to sponsor any meals through December due to covid concerns.
    2. Project Graduation would like to use Spike Saturday morning to distribute Senior’s Last First Day t-shirts at the Football Field parking lot.
      1. Kim will work with Kristi on time and set up location.  
  5. Coach’s report (Coach Meng)-
    1. SportsYou app is a new way to get out communication to parents.  Limits placed on the app to make communication one way.   If you respond to a post, it will only go to Coach Meng.  Great feedback so far.  Calendar contains schedule along with a link to map for stadium directions.  
    2. Freshman have a new game on Sept. 3rd at Jacksboro.
    3. Practices have been going well.  They can take it slow and teach the players more due to not having first scrimmage.   They gained an extra week of time.  Practice is from 6:30am-9:30am all week.
    4. There will be a scrimmage against Childress in Burk on Aug. 20th at 5:30 for JV and 7pm for varsity.  
      1. Freshman will go to Graham to scrimmage their freshman team at 4:30pm Thursday.  Childress does not have a freshman team. 
    5. No new information on ticket sales for games or live viewing options.     
    6. Hour-a-Thon fundraiser is going well.  Link will be open until Saturday Aug. 15th for donations.  Current donations are @ $14,000.
  6. Next booster club meeting- Monday, Aug. 17th at 7:00pm.
  7. Adjourn at 8:00pm.