Meeting Minutes- October 19, 2020

  1. Call to order-7:00pm
  2. Attendance-Tracy/Kim Stringfellow, Jason/Jaclyn Meng, Tonia Boyett, Allison Bainbridge, Shirley Vogel, Craig Die, Ranette Downey, Sharon Brown
  3. Previous meetings’ minutes- on the website
  4. Treasurer’s report:   Checking: $14,705.82         Savings- $4,600.06
    1. Income-$173 in credit card sales, $56 in cash for merchandise and program sales.
    2. Deposit- $2,051.25 from previous sales, etc.
    3. Expenditures- $586.28 for drinks and Chick-fil-a for 7th/8th football teams.
    4. Petty Cash- $125
    5. Cash- $150
    6. Gift Card- $106
    7. PayPal- Cleared
    8. Freshman/JV chick-fil-a is ordered for Thursday- $476.35
  5. Old Business
    1. Merchandise- no news.  Waiting for 2 people to see if they are working in trailer/program sales on senior night.
    2. Fundraising for the 2020 season-
    3. Clay Shoot- tabled until spring. Date is set for April 10th in spring. 
    4. Sign and Drive- 3 dates were given to Jeff (Sept. 5 and 12 or Oct. 24).  Jeff is waiting to hear back from Ford. 
    5. Military honor wall update- tabled pending the graphic.
    6. Sponsors- Oh-What-a-Night raised $500.  Check will be here in about 2 weeks.
    7. Programs- done and ready for pickup on Tuesday or Wednesday.
    8. Volunteer review-
      1. Team breakfast- cancelled
    9. Game day- need volunteers for this week that are not senior parents.
    10. Coaches lunch- Tonia Boyett
  6. Golf Cart maintenance- tabled.
  7. Annual Lighted Christmas Parade- Saturday December 12 @ 6pm.
  8. Senior Night-
    1. Announcer List- done.  Will be sent in google drive or printed out for announcers.
    2. Walkie Talkies- charged and ready to go.
    3. Flowers (players, trainers, JROTC)- ordered and will be picked up at 430pm Friday.
    4. Senior Letters- have been handed out to players. Need to be turned in asap so that they can be placed in folders for the parents.  Senior pictures have been printed and will be placed inside the folders also.
    5. Line up plan- 70 Seniors walking.  Posters for lineup are also done.  Lines will be roped off on the sidewalk to keep groups separated. 
    6. Any help, be at field at 530.  Parents/students need to be at field at 600pm. Names will start being called at 6:15pm. 
    7. Allison Bainbridge will take pictures of football/trainers.  Richard Cleaver will also take pics of all groups. 
  9. New Business-
  10. Open Discussion-
  11. Coach Meng’s report
    1. Coach Meng discussed offensive and defensive plans against Gainesville. Also watched clips from HUDL of Lake Worth’s offensive and defensive plays that we may see in game.Stopping the run and a strong offense will be the key.
    2. We are down many players due to injuries, concussions, quarantine.
    3. This week’ games:
      1. Freshman/JV combined vs. Lake Worth at Lake Worth at 6pm Thursday. Tickets will be sold online.
      2. Varsity vs. Lake Worth at Burkburnett Friday at 7pm.
    4. Last week’s games:
      1. Freshman/JV combined beat Gainesville 48-6
      2. Varsity lost to Gainesville 49-29
    5. Players of the Week: none
  12. Next booster club meeting- Monday, Nov 16 at 7:00pm in High School Cafeteria.
  13. Adjourn at 7:30pm.