Meeting Minutes- July 13, 2020

  1. Call to order at 7:00pm
  2. Attendance verified
  3. Previous meetings’ minutes- on the website
  4. Treasurer’s report:   Checking: $8,669.60        Savings- $4,598.91  
    1. Income-interest YTD- 2 new memberships
    2. Expenditures- $64.00 for mailbox, $15 for bank card fee and $5.00 monthly banking service fee.
    3. Petty Cash-
    4. Gift Card-
    5. PayPal- all set up and ready to go.
    6. Need to follow up with golf sponsors on the money donated since we will not be having the event this year.  Ranette to follow up on sponsor wishes. 
  5. Old Business
    1. Merchandise- Cruz has online store set up with merchandise for us to look at.  Setting the price so we can begin online sale.  Have set the order numbers of gators and sleeves.  We will check with Keith on doing a hat w/patch and possibly other items for an on-line store on our website.  Sharon and Kristi will meet with Keith in the next couple weeks to work out inventory requests such as a youth t-shirt, stadium towels and window stickers.
    2. Fundraising for the 2020 season
      1. Corn Hole- Will table for Fall.
      2. Clay Shoot- Date is set for April 10 in spring.  May look at putting together with golf.
      3. Kick a Field Goal and win a truck- Nothing new at the moment.
      4. Sign and Drive- 3 dates were given to Jeff (Sept. 5 and 12 or Oct. 24). Still waiting to see which will work.  Preferably a Saturday after a home game and promote during the game the night before also. 
    3. Dog Squad- table for now.
    4. Military honor wall update-Drop is in.  Have raised $1200 to cover expenses.  Will get tv soon to put on wall.  Alicia has sent names that have already been collected.  Email is set up for this project,  Will be asking for anyone that participated in Friday night football to send in information (football, cheer, babes, ROTC, band, dog squad) to include graduation year, what sport they were a part of, military branch, current or ending rank, years served, picture in military attire and sport attire if possible. 
  6. New business
    1. Meet the Dog Night- on hold pending further clarification on gatherings. 
  7. Open Discussion- none
  8. Coach’s report (Coach Meng)
    1. Pride started back today.  The break caused some back slide.  Was like day1 all over again.
    2. There is still a lot of speculation about what football season will look like.  UIL, Texas Governor, CDC and our district are still considering options.   Nothing has been finalized.  
    3. Football practice will begin Aug. 3 at 6:30am as scheduled.  Freshman camp will be the week before, July 27th– July 30 to get them ready to start the following week.
  9. Next booster club meeting- Monday, July 27th at 7:00pm at the field house.

Adjourn at 7:55pm