Meeting Minutes- August 24,2020

  1. Call to order at 7:00pm
  2. Attendance verified: Jaclyn and Jason Meng, Kim and Tracy Stringfellow, Ranette Downey, Tonia Boyette, Rusty Blanton, Karen and Craig Die, Sharon Brown, Kristi Miller, Judy and Brady Duke, Keith McClure, Brian Daino, Allison Bainbridge, Jennifer Monroe.
  3. Previous meetings’ minutes- emailed to participants and can be found on the website
  4. Treasurer’s report:   Checking: $14,466.86         Savings- $4,599.48
    1. Income-interest YTD-
    2. Expenditures- $1,270 (3rd Creations)
      1. Insurance check still out
      2. Receipts presented for speaker cable and replacement horn switch
    3. Petty Cash- $125
    4. PayPal- pending
    5. Deposits-$550-not included in total balance
  5. Old Business
    1. Merchandise-
      1. Cruz’s online merchandise purchases hopefully will be here the first week of September to distribute.
      2. Sign On store-will follow up with Keith on timeline for on-line orders and delivery process. 
    2. Fundraising for the 2020 season-
      1. Corn Hole- 2 sets of boards are made and look wonderful.  We will sell tickets for a set of corn hole boards.  They will be 1 for $5 or 5 for $20.  Drawing will be Sept. 14th.
      2. Clay Shoot- Date is set for April 10th in spring. 
      3. Kick a Field Goal and win a truck- tickets are being designed now.  Need to have name and number on ticket to contact winner.  Kick is Nov. 6 and tickets are $25 each.
      4. Sign and Drive- 3 dates were given to Jeff (Sept. 5 and 12 or Oct. 24).  Jeff is waiting to hear back from Ford. 
    3. Military honor wall update- Jaclyn is having 3rd Creative make a graphic template for the honor wall.  She is at a holding point until it is complete.
    4. Sponsors- Banners have been ordered for the ones that needed replacing.  Scoreboard sponsor signs have also been ordered.  Ace (3 yr. commitment) and Napa (single year commitment) are the 2 scoreboard sponsors.
    5. Programs- There were 25 personal ads this year for a total of $2840.  Program is condensed from 48 to only 32 pages.
    6. Meet the Dog Night- Tabled for now.  Maybe try something electronic.
    7. 3rd Creative-
      1. As of meeting, no news on a sponsor.
      2. Sitting fees were $40 for Seniors and $30 for all others. 
      3. Will send a flyer out and also add to website for parents to order.
    8. Locker room décor./snacks-
      1. Varsity players will have a snack bag distributed at team breakfast on Friday’s.
      2. Sub-varsity will have a snack bag for distribution on Thursday mornings when they pick up their jerseys.
      3. We are not approved to decorate locker rooms this year.  
    9. Volunteer review-
      1. Team breakfast-all slots are covered, and email reminders were sent today.
      2. Game day-Varsity is away. Crew is set.
      3. Coaches lunch-Mitzi Morris will provide food this week.
  6. New Business-
    1. Burk Informer Star Booster Club ad was designed by Ranette and submitted for publication in the football preview insert in this week’s paper.  The ad is done annually at a cost of $99.  
  7. Open Discussion-
    1. Having difficulty finding a deflator for Spike.  Will continue to look at options.
    2. Group will meet on Wednesday at 5pm at the field house to clean out the equipment trailer and fold up Spike. 
    3. Will do magnets again for Seniors, just waiting on roster. Coach Meng will send to Kim.
    4. Sticker night-Sept. 14th at the River.
    5. Senior night- moved to October 23rd. Ranette will reach out to the other groups (Band, Babes, Cheer, ROTC) to make them aware of the date change. 
    6. Anthony West, with BISD will be maintaining he equipment trailer tags/inspection. 
  8. Coach’s report: Coach Meng
    1. Practice was challenging. Monday’s are tough.   
    2. Plan to simplify. 
    3. Offensive and Defensive scrimmage clips from HUDL were presented and discussed, both great ones and ones that showed opportunities for improvement.  
    4. Tickets for the Aubrey game are being mailed to Burk.  More information to come on how they will be distributed. 
    5. This week’s games:
      1. Freshman/JV is at home Thursday vs. Aubrey at 5pm/7pm.
      2. Varsity is @ Aubrey Friday at 7pm.
  9. Next booster club meeting- Monday, Aug. 31 at 7:00pm in High school Cafeteria.
  10. Adjourn at 8:00pm.