Meeting Minutes- October 25, 2021


  1. minutes
    1. Call to order at 7pm
    2. Attendance: Kim and Tracy Stringfellow, Leslie and Brad Boyd, Brian and Dawn Daino, Allison and Earl Bainbridge, Shirley Vogel, Ranette Downey, Jodi Lampham, Mitzi Morris.
    3. Previous meetings’ minutes posted to website

    4. Treasurer’s report-
    a. Checking- $27,103.84
    b. Savings- $4,602.36
    c. Petty cash- $200.00

    5. Old Business
    a. Merchandise- 3 hoodies left: size small.
    b. Fundraising updates –
    i. Whataburger- Oct 27 5p-8p. Fliers have been shared on social media.
    c. Team dinner-
    i. Thursday- 5:00pm- Major/McClure are providing it.
    ii. Will set up tables in the weight room as we have done in years past for the meal.
    d. Coaches lunch- Saturday at noon-
    i. Allison Bainbridge volunteered for this week.
    ii. This will be our last week. No meal will be needed on Nov. 6th. Major/McClure were notified of the cancellation.
    e. Senior night plans- October 29th
    i. Players profiles- all but 2 have been collected. Ranette will follow up with band.
    ii. Parent letters- Players have the forms. Deadline to turn in will be Wednesday, Oct 27th.
    iii. Flowers- Country Bloom and Gift donated and will be picked up by Ranette on Friday.
    iv. Allison Bainbridge will assist with photos.
    f. Storage for booster items- all items have been moved to the merchandise trailer in preparation for stadium demolition. Sponsorship banners have been taken down and placed in the merch trailer.
    g. Game prep-
    i. Spike, flags, banners, music, and programs.
    ii. Volunteers to be at the stadium at 5:15pm to set up in preparation for senior parent arrivals at 5:30.
    h. Sub-varsity meal-
    i. Chick Fil-A on October 28th for Springtown game. Allison Bainbridge to pick up at 1:45pm and deliver to field house by 2:15pm. 80 meals needed for players, coaches, trainers, managers.
    i. BMS meals-
    i. Chick Fil-A October 26th- 7th grade. Kim will pick up at 2:45 and deliver to BMS locker room by 3:15pm. 52 meals needed for players and coaches.
    ii. Chick Fil-A November 2nd for 8th grade. Shirley to pick up at 1:30pm to have at BMS locker room by 2:00pm. 52 meals needed for players and coaches.
    6. New business
    a. none

    7. Open Discussion
    a. Next meeting will need to discuss spring fundraisers.
    b. Christmas parade will be December 11 at 6pm. Will need to plan for 3-4 drivers/trailers to accommodate the team.

    8. Coach’s report
    a. Players participated in Teens Make a Difference Day. Great turn out.

    9. Next booster club meeting- November 1 at 7pm at the field house.

    10. Adjourned at 7:30pm.